Dream Guide for SA daily lotto

Do you want to use the Lucky Numbers Dream guide to help predict and choose your numbers for the SA Daily Lotto? Then use this as a guide and example to help you to do that.
SA Daily lotto takes place every day, and you need to pick 5 numbers between 1-36 (no bonus or booster ball).
Let’s say you have a dream where you are wrestling with a tiger, as this tiger has a treasure that you want. It is hot and you can feel the sun beating down on you so you take a small water to cool down and offer it to the tiger who then stops fighting with you. So using the dream guide, we can get these:
Wrestling: 45
Tiger: 5
Sun: 30
Small Water: 29
So based on the dream guide, your lucky numbers will be: 45, 5, 30, 29

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