Dream Guide UK 49

Want to use our lucky numbers dream guide for choosing your numbers for the UK 49? Let us show you how you would do it.
Firstly, UK 49 has 6 balls and 1 bonus or booster ball. As you are not buying a lotto ticket, but rather betting on which lucky numbers will be drawn, you can choose how many lucky numbers you want to pick and bet on, and this will be determined by your dream. But let’s provide an example:
You have a dream that you were on a boat, rushing home to see your wife who is pregnant. As you get to shore there is an old man with an umbrella and he gives you medicine for your wife.
Using this dream, we would have the following lucky numbers for our UK 49 bet:
boat: 10
Baby: 9
Old man: 21
Umbrella: 42
Medicine: 27

So your numbers from the UK 49 dream guide would be:
10, 9, 21, 42, 27.

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